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[Jack] said to Plaice, ‘Well, Plaice, at least some good has come out of this: at least nobody will ever be able to say, “Poor old Plaice is down to his last shilling.”’

‘How do you make that out, sir?’ asked Plaice, closing one eye and smiling in anticipation.

‘Why, because there are three of ’em screwed to your head, ha, ha, ha!’ said his Captain.

‘You are not unlike Shakespeare,’ observed Stephen, as they walked back to the cabin.

‘So I am often told by those who read my letters and dispatches,’ said Jack, ‘but what makes you say so at this particular moment?’

‘Because his clowns make quips of that bludgeoning, knock-me-down nature. You have only to add marry, come up,or go to, with a pox on it, and it is pure Gammon, or Bacon, or what you will.’

‘That is only your jealousy,’ said Jack. ‘What do you say to some music tonight?’

- FSotW, ch. 5

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Sooo adorable.

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Indeed, Jack is a veritable second (?) Shakespeare, having already been SUCH an Ophelia in his youth...