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"(Stephen) went to his cabin below, his mind still somewhat confused by happiness, and found that in spite of  everything Killick had laid out all the clothes that were proper for him to wear.  He slowly dressed, taking  particular care of the set of his coat, and came out into the gun-room where he found Pullings, sitting carefully in the gold-laced splendour of a commander. ..

'Now, Doctor,' Pullings went on, 'it is time for me to run an eye over all; and perhaps for you to put your breeches on.'
'God save you, Tom,' cried Stephen, looking with concern at his pale bony knees. 'I am so glad you noticed it. My mind must have wandered.  I should have got the ship a worse name still.'

(Nutmeg of Consolation) Chapter 10.

Dear Stephen! He never has much thought for his clothes at the best of times, and having just heard of the longed-for birth of his daughter, it is the furthest thing from his mind now. Thank heavens for Tom Pullings.