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In chapter one, Jack and Stephen:

And privately to Stephen he said, 'I repeated your "No penetration, no sodomy", which floored one and all; though I must say that most of them were glad to be floored. I persuaded the others to find no more than gross indecency.'

'And is being towed ashore on a grating the set penalty for gross indecency?'

'No. We call it the use and custom of the sea: that is the way it has always been.'
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This is the link to the wonderful work that is The Butcher's Bill over on the Patrick O'Brian Compendium, listing all the injuries and deaths that appear in the canon.

Also, if I can do it, I might try doing a visual representation of Jack's scars as he gets them - but I'm promising nothing... :D
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The wonderful [personal profile] esteven  found a very useful website which illustrates so very many of the smaller vessels that Jack and his shipmates encounter such as pinks and xebecs. :
Here it is as a useful visual reference
(edited to neaten the link and make it look pretty)