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Stephen was a wretched patient; sometimes he looked to M’Alister as an omniscient being who would certainly produce the one true physic; sometimes the ship resounded to the cry of ‘Charlatan’, and drugs would be seen hurtling through the scuttle. The chaplain suffered more than the rest: most of the officers haunted other parts of the ship when the convalescent Maturin was on the quarterdeck, but Mr White could not climb and in any case his duty required him to visit the sick – even to play chess with them. Once, goaded by a fling about Erastianism, he concentrated all his powers and won: he had to bear not only the reproachful looks of the helmsman, the quartermaster at the con, and the whole gunroom, but a semi-official rebuke from his captain, who thought it ‘a poor shabby thing to set back an invalid’s recovery for the satisfaction of the moment’, and the strokes of his own conscience. Mr White was in a hopeless position, for if he lost, Dr Maturin was quite as likely to cry out that he did not attend, and fly into a passion.

-- from HMS Surprise, chapter eleven
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This is the link to the wonderful work that is The Butcher's Bill over on the Patrick O'Brian Compendium, listing all the injuries and deaths that appear in the canon.

Also, if I can do it, I might try doing a visual representation of Jack's scars as he gets them - but I'm promising nothing... :D


Feb. 5th, 2012 09:11 pm
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'To be sure, he lost the rest of his ear in the Indiaman - but that was nothing.'

'His ear!' cried Sophia, turning white and coming to a dead halt in the middle of the Parade.

'You are standing in a puddle, my dear. Let me lead you to dry land. Yes, his ear, his right ear, or what was left of it. But it was nothing. I sewed it back on again; and as I say, if you had seen him last night, you would be easy in your mind.'

'What a good friend you are to him, Dr Maturin. His other friends are so grateful to you.'

'I sew his ears on from time to time, sure.'

Stephen, speaking to Sophie, Post Captain, chapter 6